A person who can write codes can change the world

My expertise


I started as a designer and gradually transferred to become a programmer and then to full stack developer. I have very good command on frontend technologies including various css and js frameworks.


Basically, all my server side scripts run on PHP and use MySQL or MariaDB. I have been working with OOP and MVC frameworks since ages.


Since the launch of Anguar 2 with TypeScript, I am active single page app developer as latest updates and patches are being released frequently.


I can generally build anything using WordPress. I have been working with WordPress since years now and gained professional skills set to develop themes and plugins of various scale from scratch.


As for large scale projects, project structure and database design play a vital role for future changes and updates. I have been working as Laravel developer since more than a year and have built various projects beautifully. Laravel stands out for CLI tool and scalability with the composer.


CI stands out for shared server and medium scale projects which need MVC structural design and security. I have been working with CI since 2 and half year and build lots of projects in it.

About me

Suson Waiba susonwaiba@gmail.com

I have been working professionally for more than a year making differences that changed the way of doing things to my clients.

I can work with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Angular, PS, AI, Git, NPM, Composer, VPS, CLI tools etc.

The best thing you can get from me is beautiful & well managed codes!

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